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Why does our Brisbane agency use Webflow?

If you're considering a new website, please take 5-minutes to read this article before you spend a single cent.

This is important:

  • What website platform do you currently use?
  • Are you looking to use Wordpress?
  • Do you need a fast, secure website?

The reason we ask is that in 2020, WordPress is starting to really show it’s age, like driving a 1980's automobile that's had a hundred different mechanics work on it.

WordPress was great years ago when nothing like it existed, but it is now getting rather long in the tooth. And as a platform, WordPress has some serious flaws - that simply aren’t great for businesses who rely on their websites for leads and sales.

Let is expand on that 1980’s car analogy - because it’s exactly the problem with WordPress.

See WordPress by nature, has many "moving parts" which usually consist of a lot of plugins that need constant updating (mainly for security). If you've had a WordPress website before you'll know exactly what we mean.

Here are the typical WordPress updates you need to do, any of which can kill your website.

  • Updating of your Wordpress theme
  • Updating of your Wordpress plugins e.g forms, security, caching, analytics, ecommerce, functionality

In many cases, these plugins are developed by third parties - meaning each WordPress plugin can cause conflicts with other plugins, crashing your entire website or opening up ways for hackers to get in if not maintained correctly.

Like mechanics, that's good for web agencies who charge $$ for WordPress support.
But it's likely not good for you.

At 224, we're a tad more risk-averse than most, that's why we've transitioned fully to Webflow. Yes, we used to be Brisbane WordPress developers, now we're Brisbane Webflow developers - a tad confusing.

So let's dive a bit deeper.

Why we think Webflow is better than Wordpress?

If WordPress is an old 1980s car with duct tape holding the bumpers on, then Webflow is a Tesla. It has far less moving parts and requires little, to no servicing.

And for professionals, like our clients here, who don't have the time or patience to continually maintain a website and absolutely can't afford for it to crash, we think Webflow trumps WordPress in every single way.

If you’re a data lover, then consider that WordPress was created in 2003, so it's 17 years old - and that's about 119 in both internet and dog years. Webflow is less than half of that, which means it was created for the modern internet - the Google and Siri internet we use today.

Webflow is younger, faster and more secure. It was made for business.

Is Webflow easy to manage yourself?

Yes, not only is Webflow easier to manage than WordPress, Webflow is also near impossible to break.

At 224, we set up your website so you can easily change text and images yourself, without breaking a single thing.

That may sound like a small feature, but trust us, when you go to update your WordPress website and it breaks, you’ll likely come out at the other end with less hair.

Webflow also takes care of all of your updates, security and maintenance. No more plugin and theme uopdates required

Webflow literally means hakuna webflowta - no worries.

Is Webflow better for Search Engines (SEO?)

As an ex-WordPress agency, we always believed that WordPress was superior for SEO (the Google gods), and it's partly why we used it for so long.

Until we tried Webflow.
It's seriously fast - and Google loves that.

Unlike WordPress, Webflow doesn't rely on complex coding, tricky plugins or limiting templates. This makes Webflow in our opinion superior for SEO - especially here in Australia and Brisbane when most of your competitors are likely on the older WordPress platform.  

We've seen our sites improve in organic rankings since switching, and while we can't give away too much (for our client's disclosure), lets just say that we think you will be rather surprised if you decide to use Webflow over WordPress.

We believe Webflow will dominate search engines in the years to come.
The sooner companies switch, the better.

Is Webflow mobile and tablet responsive?

Absolutely, it's made for mobile devices of all shapes and sizes. Webflow allows designers like us to be unbound in terms of design, and create the most stunning mobile websites - with full mobile-responsive design elements.

The sky's the limit for Webflow.

And that flexibility really does matter for many Australian companies, especially those who are growing and need to add in new pages for their mobile audience.

You don't want to be bound by a website platform - you want to be liberated by it. Webflow liberates designers and companies, literally.

So how do you test drive Webflow?

Like buying a new car, we'd recommend a bit of research first. Perhaps a good starting point is visiting the Webflow websites in our portfolio - and what some of our local Brisbane clients say about Webflow - these folks aren’t designers, they’re savvy business people:

A quick recap on why we think Webflow is better for business

  • Webflow is built for the modern internet, whereas WordPress is now 17 years old and starting to show its age.
  • Webflow is super easy to manage yourself, without breaking any design elements or the fear of damaging your website.
  • Webflow is great for SEO, and our local Brisbane clients are seeing the results from the Webflow platform.
  • Webflow is fully mobile responsive, and in the years to come, we believe it will dominate the internet due to its flexibility, speed and security.
  • 224 offer a Free quote and Webflow consultation, simply get in touch below and one of our team will be in touch.

Alternatively, please feel free to check out some of our case studies here.

Want to know if Webflow is right for your business? Let us know if you have any questions, we'd love to help or setup your free Webflow account here and take it for a spin.

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