Huddle Insurance is at the forefront of revolutionizing the insurance landscape by leveraging technology to provide transparent, user-friendly, and highly responsive insurance services. Our engagement with Huddle Insurance involved a comprehensive approach to the design and development of their website, ensuring that it reflects the innovation and customer-centric approach that Huddle stands for. By focusing on a clean, intuitive design, we crafted an online presence that simplifies the insurance process for users, making it accessible and straightforward.

In addition to the website's development, we brought to life the Huddle Insurance ethos through custom interactions and animations, increasing user engagement.

The collaborative effort extended to ensuring that the site is fully responsive, providing a seamless experience across all devices. This responsiveness, coupled with the intuitive navigation and engaging animations, encapsulates Huddle's forward-thinking approach to insurance. Our work with Huddle Insurance aimed not just to highlight their services but to embody the trust, security, and innovation that Huddle delivers to its clients every day. The resulting website stands as a beacon of Huddle's dedication to reshaping the insurance industry for the better, making it more accessible, understandable, and user-friendly for everyone.

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We enjoyed working with 224 so much that after one project was over, we asked them to work on another. 224 became an extension to our team – they are incredible collaborators, led the builds with their Webflow expertise and were unmoving in their dedication to deliver valuable and beautiful end results. We're so proud that our sites for Open and Huddle reflect the innovative, challenger brands we want to show the world.

Cece Paredes
Senior Brand & Communications Manager • Open

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