soNomad stands as a beacon in the travel insurance industry, providing travelers with comprehensive, easy-to-understand, and accessible insurance options tailored for every adventure. Our collaboration with soNomad was a comprehensive project that spanned the full spectrum of design, development, illustrations, animations, and interactions, all aimed at crafting an online experience that embodies the essence of worry-free travel.

From the outset, our design team built on soNomads already established visual language focusing on a website that communicates the ease and flexibility of their insurance products, with a design that is both inviting and informative. By creating additional custom illustrations and animations, we added a personal touch that reflects the unique experiences and destinations soNomad covers, making the insurance process not just simple but also engaging.

The end product is a testament to soNomad’s commitment to offering travelers insurance solutions that are not only reliable and comprehensive but also accessible and easy to understand, empowering users to embark on their adventures with peace of mind.

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